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  • Work Hours
  • 8701 S 145th St Omaha, NE 68138
  • (866) 742-3579 & (402) 895-6660

New Hurricane
HD3700 Attachments

HD3700 Breaks Up To 12 Inches of Concrete*

The Hurricane Drop Hammer HD3700 is a high-production, low-maintenance drop hammer for breaking flat concrete. Drop hammers are superior to hydraulic hammers or breakers at breaking flat concrete in every important category. The HD3700 is easily connected to a skid steer or an excavator. It efficiently breaks flat concrete in industrial tear-outs, as well as parking lots, curbs, roads, runways, aprons, and sidewalks up to 12 inches thick.*

  • Drop Hammer impact-to-weight ratio crushes that of a hydraulic hammer.
  • The bolt-on-ground engagement end plate makes maintenance accessible and easy and eliminates vibration back to the skid steer or excavator found in hydraulic breakers.
  • Low maintenance because there are no points, bushings, seals, or accumulators to replace, and there are no oil leaks or nitrogen charging found on hydraulic breakers.
  • Drop hammers pulverize concrete, making clean-up and disposal easier and less expensive, with no heavy, large concrete slabs to deal with like a hydraulic hammer.
Key Specifications
Impact Energy Blow 3,700 Ft/Lbs/Class
Blows Per Minute 25 – 30
Total Impact Energy (per minute) 112,000
Operating Weight 2,300 lbs
Max Oil Flow Demand 23 GPM
Min Hydraulic Pressure 2,200 PSI
Operating Height (weight extended) 7′ 6″
Dimensions (HxWxD) 5′ x 1’ 4″ x 1’ 6″
Breaks concrete thickness up to 12 inches*

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Condition New
Model Year 2023
Make Hurricane
Machine Type Attachments
Model HD3700