Top 3 Tactics For Avoiding Downtime

October 29, 2020
Posted by: Bobcat of Omaha

Downtime sucks.

No getting around it. Sure, every business and industry has its own unique challenges. However, one challenge that remains a constant is Downtime. Downtime can easily turn a small job into a big headache. Frustrated operators, stalled drivers and halted laborers don’t take long to add up.

Fortunately, there are several steps owners and their staff can take to prevent manageable breakdowns and downtime causes. These are our top 3 tactics to help improve machine performance while reducing its downtime.

1. Make sure your operators are greasing

If in doubt, grease it out. On our attachment latching system alone (Commonly called the Bob-Tach) there are 6 points where you can apply grease. Does your operator know where the grease points are? Are they greasing regularly? Consider having a checklist of points to grease and how often it’s needed to stay on top of it. We’ll include a small reference guide on where all of these points are on the machine below.

2. Regularly service your machine

Fuel, Oil, Hydraulic, and Air filters all need changed every now and then. If you’re doing your service yourself it’s important to make sure you know when to change your filters for optimum performance. When calling to order your parts, please be sure to have your Model and Serial Number ready. Most models will take the same filters as the rest but there are still exceptions to the rule. Your Operator’s manual will have all of your capacities and instructions on how to change each of these. Another popular option is to schedule your service ahead of time with our Service Specialists. If your machine is getting close, call us at 402-895-6660 to schedule an appointment.

Pro Tip: You can tell our parts or service department to save your machine and model under your account if it’s not already there. That way you don’t have to scroll through 200 pictures on your phone looking for your machine’s serial plate.

3. Don’t ignore codes

You’re busy operating and a code comes up. Nothing affects performance, so you keep operating. While it may work for the time being, it may do the machine more harm than good. A good practice is to snap a picture of the code with your phone and call the dealership as soon as you can. If you’re unsure of how to check a code in your machine, check out this handy video that will walk you through it.

From there, our Service Specialists will be able to identify the code, explain what could be going on and, in some circumstances, can diagnose and troubleshoot with you over the phone. From there you can choose if it’s worth repairing the machine yourself or to schedule a visit at the dealership. We may even be able to repair the machine on site. And, if that’s not enough, our Rental Specialists are happy to go through replacement options while your machine is down.

And one bonus Tip:

Don’t forget to GREASE.

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